Dover DECA Paint Night

By: Angela M. Kelley

Do you need a chance to relax?  Do you want to paint, but you don’t know how?  Come to Dover DECA’s Paint Night fundraiser!  Paint Night is a chance for people of all ages to take home their own painting.  The fundraiser is on May 4th from 6:00-8:00pm; participants can come from 5:00-6:30 to purchase dinner and refreshments.  The cost to attend is $10 for children and $20 for adults.  The event will be held in the high school cafeteria.  To learn more and register, head to  Any unanswered questions can be directed to Mrs. Kress or Mrs. Heird.

Students Spread Kindness and Vie for Scholarships

Spread Kindness!  Please support our high school students as they compete in the Duralife Unlocker Challenge for a chance to win up to $50,000 in new lockers and $7500 in scholarships.  The theme of this video contest is “Inclusivity” and the student journalism group, The Eagle’s Eye, created and produced a music video featuring an original composition written and performed by senior, Leon Zellers, that showcases Dover’s spirit of support and kindness.  We need your help to qualify as one of the top 100 videos with the most votes so we can advance to the final round.  Please vote once a day on all devices you can (cell phone, laptop, desktop, gaming system, etc…).  Share the link to the video and spread the word!
Voting will close on April 15, 2016 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.  Thank you for your support!  We are Dover PROUD!

Students Becoming Teachers


Annika Nave
Annika Nave, 9

By: Annika Nave

Most students don’t realize all the history that some teachers have had at Dover High School in the past years. Teachers like Mrs. Mort and Mrs. Lomenzo walked the halls long before these high schools students were here. Find out what kind of interests they had, sports they played, and clubs they participated when they attended Dover high school.


imageMemo scope 1996-97
Shannon Mort watches her students grow, as she did,  when she attended Dover.

Mrs. Mort, a learning support aide, attended Dover High School and graduated in 1997. Soon after that the career path that she wanted to take was clear to her as she loved working with children and watching them grow and learn. A few changes that were most noticeable for Mrs. Mort are the new clubs that were made during her unattended years, and she feels the new clubs are very positive for Dover. A negative change that has come with the unattended years is the disrespect issue that formed in students. She says, “I think technology has had a negative effect because kids are constantly social networking.” Mrs. Mort also recalls when she was a student and what her favorite things to do were. She speaks of how English class and History class were her favorite classes, and she also enjoyed the SADD organization which she now advises.



Mrs. Lomenzo, formerly Miss Bailey, English Teacher.

Mrs. Lomenzo also attended Dover High School from 1984-1988, and soon after she became a teacher at age twenty-three. Her inspiration behind becoming a teacher was motivational teachers that she had when she attended, and many people in her family were teachers, so a lot of her time was revolved around school. A few of her most memorable teachers were Mrs. Ney, Mrs. Keagy, Mr. Kinley, and Coach Grady who were all big inspirations in her life. She also wanted to go into teaching because she wanted to give back and help other students. Many changes also came with the years she did not attend, and one of the most significant changes she felt was technology.

She feels that it has been positive as well as negative in many ways at Dover. She says, “Technology babysits the mind, and if you don’t have anything like that, if you were trouble, you were ready to cause it.” Dover, at the time she was a student, was also “a big farm school” Mrs. Lomenzo states. There was also a lack in diversity. She came from North Carolina and was shocked to see no black students at the time. She also participated in volleyball and the Renaissance club. As for her dislikes about Dover, being a new student wasn’t easy because she didn’t feel “accepted”. The advice she gives to students at Dover now is, “Be yourself, respect people, do your best, give people a chance, and don’t be so quick to judge.”
“Give people a chance, and don’t be so quick to judge.”
-Barbara D. Lomenzo,

Barbara Lomenzo looks back on her high school experience at Dover, and wants to help students just like her teachers did for her.

Powder Puff 2015


By: Makenzie Swartz
Powder Puff football is a flag football game where girls play football and boys cheerlead (which is always a funny sight to see). Football players coached the girls and cheerleaders coached the boys. Our school holds one of these games a year, usually in the fall. The teams are always freshmen and seniors against sophomores and juniors.
Practices were held on November 9th and November 11th from 3 PM to 5 PM. The game was held at the high school football field on November 12th at 6 PM. Both teams got off to a slow start. It wasn’t until the third quarter that the freshmen and senior team scored a touchdown with a 2 point conversion, making the score 8-0. In the fourth quarter the freshmen and senior team scored again but did not get the 2 point conversion, making the final score 14-0.
The money that was made from the game is going to support the class of 2017. There was also a bake sale going on to raise money for the class of 2018. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the girls, boys, and both the 2017 and 2018 class and congratulations to the freshmen and senior team for their victory!
Some of the Sophomore and Junior team after their hard fought game.
Part of the Freshman and Senior team after their victory!


Celebrating Traditions


Annika Nave
Annika Nave, 9

By: Annika Nave

      For many people,  it’s putting up and decorating the Christmas tree.  For others, it’s eating a special Christmas dinner with their family. This is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world and is no doubt many people’s favorite holiday. Christmas time is widely talked about all over Dover, especially for students.

     Find out what students’ and teachers’ favorite Christmas traditions are in the Dover High School and how they celebrate with their families.

     Sierra Withrow, a senior, says, “My favorite part of Christmas is getting a Christmas tree.” Many other students can also relate to the joyful and happy feelings of picking out a Christmas tree like freshman Samira Howard. She says, “I like putting a Christmas tree up and putting decorations up around the house.” For other students, Christmas traditions are having a favorite family Christmas movie like Alexis Davis. She says, “My favorite Christmas tradition is watching Christmas movies with my family. Our favorite movie is Elf.”

     Many students also love the family time that is spent over the holiday.  Thomas Coons knows of the importance of quality time and says, “I love going to my Grandmother’s house and eating sweet potatoes.”  Travis Kroft says, “I love eating Christmas dinner with family.” Josh Bradley also knows of the special time that comes along with Christmas traditions. He says, “Every Christmas my family goes over to my grandma’s house and I really enjoy it. Christmas is all about spending time with family.” Keith Davis agrees, “My favorite Christmas tradition is eating Christmas dinner with family.” Derek Brennaman states, “I like to eat with my family.”

     Teachers like Mrs. Laratonda also understand the joys of celebrating Christmas with special traditions. She states, “My favorite holiday tradition is setting up our family nativity scene under the Christmas tree and on Christmas morning my daughter puts the baby Jesus on.” Mrs. Strausbaugh says, “As a kid, my favorite Christmas tradition was putting cookies out for Santa. As a parent, my favorite tradition is wrapping presents on Christmas Eve night and setting up the children’s toys under the Christmas tree.”

    Many students and teachers have special Christmas traditions that they celebrate with their families. Be a part of the making of these traditions and enjoy your Christmas.

July in Christmas?

Many people concern themselves with stopping global warming for the wildlife that needs help surviving, like this Gentoo penguin, but global warming will affect all of us if it isn’t stopped.  Photo credit:

By: Angela M. Kelley


It’s a hot world.
No, not the world we live in today. The world we will live in, years into the future. This world in the future not only is hot; it has more severe storms and floods. Your favorite beach does not exist; it was flooded years ago, and the land remaining on Earth seems like less than it was before. Many species have been wiped from existence. Perhaps the worst of all, people die from heat stroke, more than they ever have before.
This world is inevitable. If we continue the way we live, then this is the world we will live in. Sure, there are things like variations in the sun and volcanoes that make climate change occur naturally, but most of this change like the sixty-degree December we had is because of us.
I doubt that any of this is new news to you. Everybody knows that we are making a hole in the ozone and all that jazz, but it’s actually easy to dismiss. “We won’t see it in our generation.” “I can’t do anything about it.” Some people–maybe even you–say, “It’s too late to change.”
First of all, you are seeing it now. December was just like spring. It was actually appropriate to not wear a winter jacket! More than that, but snow has been unheard of this season, except for one slight dusting. In December, New Jersey was a having a heat stroke. This is a problem, and it won’t go away by ignoring it.
Second, it’s not too late to make a difference, and there are ways to help, even if the damage is too much to reverse. One way to help is changing light bulbs in with energy-saving bulbs. The average Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle helps with climate change, too. The borough gives out free recycling bins, and you can put out that bin filled with plastic, metals, cardboard, glass, and more with your garbage. Even using water sparingly helps to save energy!
People who drive cars can help, too. By being careful with the brakes and the gas pedal, you better your fuel economy. Remove any unnecessary items in your car to save fuel. Make sure your car is working properly, too. Of course, giving your vehicle a rest by walking is beneficial for the environment.
The problem is this: how can we get other people to make a difference? After all, recycling your bottles and walking to school by yourself is not going to make a big dent in the global warming issue when you are one tiny speck on the globe. The problem is, it’s hard to get people to do things outside of their own worlds. So we have to bring it to their worlds. Social media is one easy way to make people pay attention. You can post a selfie on your story with a caption like,“Global warming is an issue #savethepenguins”. Or, try just talking to your friends about it.
Just remember: you are not alone in your quest to save the world. In fact, 196 countries are in on it! On December 12, leaders from each nation gathered in Paris to create a “historic climate agreement,” according to the Washington Post. They decided to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases, which can be harmful to the environment. In big ways and small, people from all over want to change the way we affect this world. If we all make an effort, it’s like we’re all there, signing a pact to work together and stop global warming.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the Movie You’re Looking For

Star Wars: The Force Awakens theatrical poster. The movie is now on its way to break box office records.  Image source:

By: Angela M. Kelley
This movie was the perfect way to open up the latest chapter in the Star Wars story.
As the seventh movie in the story and the seventh one released, there was a lot of pressure and worry about how The Force Awakens would turn out. After all, it’s been ten years since Revenge of the Sith came out and much longer since the original trilogy ended. Plus, George Lucas was not involved in the making of the awakening of this sleepy series. To start up the sequel trilogy, Star Wars fans were putting all their money on this movie and hoping that it wouldn’t be another Phantom Menace/entire prequel mistake. When I realized this movie’s potential, I knew that I had to see it. The problem: I had never seen a whole Star Wars movie in my life. To prepare, I started watching the first one (A New Hope), but it was too late. I was going to watch this movie without any prior knowledge except what I had scavenged from the internet. With this (along with my naive excitement) in mind, I went with my friends to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
The plot follows Rey (Daisy Ridley), a scavenger from a desert planet who finds BB-8, a droid with vital information to find the last Jedi in existence. She goes along with Finn (John Boyega), a former Stormtrooper with help from Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), a charismatic pilot from the Resistance. The Resistance is the new form of the Light Side, while the evil First Order is striving to become the new Empire. Leading the First Order is Kylo Ren, a conflicted villain who looks up to Darth Vader and is the (second) coolest bad guy in the galaxy for reasons that can’t be explained without spoilers.
Don’t worry, your favorite characters from the original trilogy are there, too! Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) are aboard the Millennium Falcon, helping Rey and Finn along the way. Together, they use the power of the Force–which seems stronger than ever in both the heroes and villains–and their favorite ship to stop a new weapon that puts the Death Star to shame.
Personally, I felt that this movie was terrific and moving. It picked fantastic elements from the movies before it while also making sure nostalgia didn’t take over. The effects were amazing (of course). The music score was beautiful. There was humor in the most unexpected and perfect places. Plus, it ended just right–with a cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more. While I feel that the movie relied a little heavily on the first three movies for the plot, it was a spectacular film that should and can be watched by anyone.
I’m not the only one who liked it. Aidan Fargiano, a freshman, said, “Thumbs up.” Emily Korkie, sophomore, said that “it was very good and even if you have limited knowledge [on Star Wars], you will be able to understand…I liked all the classic characters coming back, and I liked the action…they tied a lot of different themes in.”
All in all, this is a movie that deserves its title and then some. It will bring in new fans with the action and strong characters. It will lure back old fans with old characters. Han Solo? Check. Chewie? Check. Leia? Check. C-3PO and R2-D2? Double droid check! Luke Skywalker…? You’ll have to watch it yourself to find out!

Hungry For The Holidays

By : Alexis Davis and Carinne Crone

During Christmas, people have many different traditions that they like to do like watching a movie with the family, baking cookies together, or even celebrating Christmas dinner. Not everyone has the same type of Christmas dinner they like to eat. Joshua Bradley and Derek Brennaman both like to eat turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing but Derek also likes to eat ham as well. Some Christmas dinners have traditions and the traditions may change. Most kids spend Christmas with their families and their parents may stay home and cook or they may go to another family member’s house and spend time with them and a lot more if their family. Hunter Eberly likes to eat Hogmaw for Christmas dinner. (Hogmaw is a pigs stomach that is cleaned of all the fat and then inside of the stomach you add sausage, potatoes, onions, fresh parsley, salt and pepper, and sometimes cabbage. You don’t eat the stomach itself.) Christmas dinner is a time of year where you spend time with your
family and spend time sharing family memories. Christmas time is when lots of families have lots of different traditions.

Some families like to go out to eat on Christmas dinner as a tradition. Just like Annika Nave, she likes to eat Chinese food at Shangrila for Christmas dinner. Some families don’t eat out for Christmas like Annika, they prefer to eat at home or at another family member’s house. Tommy Coons, on Christmas eats with his family and they eat ham and sweet potatoes. Other families will eat thanksgiving foods for Christmas dinner. Derek Arevalo likes to eat Turkey, Apple pie, and cookies for Christmas dinner. Unlike Lexi Lippert who eats sugar cookies on Christmas. Sammi Thomas eats pop-overs, which are a “British dough muffin thing”. Sahara Wilmot said she likes to eat fresh Cinnamon Buns on Christmas morning. Noah Nace likes to eat ham and candy canes.

Most families eat different foods on Christmas but honestly not all of the foods are that different. The dinner can be eaten throughout the day. Instead of having a Christmas dinner, some families could eat or start eating at lunch time and then fill up and snack on leftovers. But some families could just eat a Christmas breakfast and then just eat whatever for dinner. You can tell a lot of families eat different things for dinner or breakfast but really the point of Christmas meals is that you spend time with your family for an important meal, and just catch up in life. The meals can be important in some cases because you get to try new foods family members make but it’s really about coming together for the holidays that really makes being together that special. Some favorite things people have eaten for Christmas dinner or breakfast may become different over the years, keep the same over the years, or alternate each year. There’s really no right or wrong way to have a Christmas dinner or breakfast you just got to come together as a family and eat and have fun.

This is a picture of Hogmaw
Photo By:

Photo by:


Flu Season

By: Alexis Davis

Flu season runs from October through March for most people they take a day or two off from work or school to get better. The flu is a highly contagious virus and can be airborne. For people with a weak immune systems it could mean staying in the hospital really long or even be deadly. Doctors suggest people who come into close contact with people with weakened immune systems get vaccinated yearly to reduce their risk.

Not everyone knows how many people have died from the flu. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) it is unknown how many deaths in the United States occur due to the flu. In less developed nations with little or no access to proper medical care it is thought that up to 8 million people die each year from the flu. Those with weak immune systems include the elderly, small children and already ill from other diseases. They are not able to receive a flu vaccination can still benefit from others who receive their yearly flu vaccination by not becoming sick.

Those of us who can receive the flu vaccine should for the benefit of society. Many of us come into contact with someone who has a loved one cannot benefit from being vaccinated. The flu vaccine is provided at your doctor’s or local pharmacy for as little as $10. Many employers and most health insurance will cover the cost of the shot, to help keep healthcare costs down while keeping workers at their desks.


Mrs. Wagaman the school nurse
Picture By: Alexis Davis image.jpeg

Sweetest Place on Earth

By: Katie Kann

Hershey Park Candylane has been around for quite some time. I personally have gone for the past fourteen years. It has become a tradition in my family’s holiday season. My best friend and I went on our first adventure when we were four and five years old. The second we stepped inside the famous theme park, we were instantly in the holiday feeling. Christmas lights are strung throughout the trees and light poles. Select rides are running, including the classic carousel.
There are many activities that take place at the sweetest place on earth. Santa dropped off his reindeer and the public can watch and learn about the foreign creatures. If a family is feeling adventurous, they can ice-skate on Rudolf’s pond. There is also a light show that features Christmas music which lights up the dark sky.
To close the evening, the family can make there way to the expense free chocolate world ride. This experience takes each car through each specific step of making chocolate. Including the oven, which warms up the riders from the bitter cold. The ride drops off the riders at the gift shop and café to buy memorable souvenirs from the holiday extravaganza. If a family is looking for a bonding experience, Candylane is a great place to start.