45 vs 90 Day Electives

Electives By: Kacie McKinney Elective: adj, meaning (of a course of study) chosen by the student rather than compulsory. N, an optional course of study. By being able to choose a class the students has more control over what he or she learns. Electives in particular help students find their indivisible strengths and interests. Without electives in school, the learning experience would continue to be cookie cutter. It’s equivalent to shoving each and every student through the square hole on a shape sorter for infanta no matter what their shape is; even though some of them are circles, triangles, and … Continue reading 45 vs 90 Day Electives

Let’s branch out.

  Members 1st Branch We are pleased to have a full functioning credit union branch here at the high school thanks to our partnership with Members 1st. The branch is located next to The Red Zone. One of their missions is to “provide resources and leadership to enhance our community presence.” They have achieved this here in the Dover community by hiring a senior Dover high school student who has successfully submitted their resume and survived the interview process. The successful candidate then splits their time between our branch in the high school and the location in Dover. Our student … Continue reading Let’s branch out.

Our Town in the middle of the stage

  This years fall play will be Our Town written by Thornton Wilder. This play is a drama based play with seventeen minute segments. Out town is a play that uses a bare stage to provoke the thoughts and imagination of the Audience. The play follows a small town called Grover’s Corner. Daily life, love and marriage and death are the main themes of Our town. Twenty six parts are available (but that may be flexible). All most all parts can be adjusted for gender(except the Webs and Gibbs). Two families take the main focus of this program,the Webs and … Continue reading Our Town in the middle of the stage

Down with the system…. The lunch system

  The lunch system has been updated due to the new skyward programming. This is a new change and change brings about good things. The new system that has been installed is more user friendly and easier to use. Parents before the change couldn’t track where their money was going when their child ate lunch during the school day. Dover’s cafeteria uses “Point of sale” software. It will let the manger to see what students are purchasing if parents asks. Parents will have access to their children’s accounts 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. Parents can add money … Continue reading Down with the system…. The lunch system

Lexi Lunsford

    Lexi Lunsford is a fun sized, energetic, outgoing 9th grade freshman who likes to spend her free time cuddling with her dogs, watching immense amounts of Broadway blogs on YouTube, playing around with makeup, watching Netflix, and cooking anything she can find a pinterest recipe for. Lexi has lived in Dover her whole life and hopes to eventually find herself working in New York one day as a Broadway hair and makeup artist as well as fulfilling her aspirations as a writer. Continue reading Lexi Lunsford